How to make resolutions you’ll keep – part 1

006Happy new year!

Ah, crisp January – the time of year when we typically pause, breathe, reflect, look to the coming year and craft our plans and resolutions.

A shiny, fresh new year is as exciting to me as a brand new notebook, just waiting to be filled with ideas, possibilities and goals.

And once those goals have taken shape, the hard work really begins – actually making them happen.

That’s what many of us believe, isn’t it?  That writing down our goals is easy and making them happen is hard?

So many of my clients have come to me asking for help turning their dreams into reality.  They may have “failed” so many times that they no longer believe they can make their dreams come true.

But often, the problem isn’t them at all.  The problem is the goals they have set for themselves.

They may be too big, too small, too vague.  They may not be exciting, compelling, energising enough to pull them forwards.  They may not help them keep the momentum going once the work has begun.  They may even be the wrong goals for them entirely.

Get the goals right and magic often happens – the “hard work” of bringing them to life almost starts to take care of itself.

Next week it’s my birthday, and my birthday gift to you is a short series designed to help you find and frame great resolutions – the kind which result in a laser-like focus and energy that can’t help but pull you forward and keep you going.

Stay tuned!

– and if you have any specific questions about goals, then please email me or post it in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer.

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