When progress is slow, try this

In the last few posts, we looked at how to re-work your new year’s resolutions to make sure they fit you and move you forwards.

Now we’re going to look at how you keep going when the going gets tough.  Because, let’s face it, it generally does.

If you’ve got the “right” goal, but you still can’t keep going, you may need to go smaller, or go bigger.  Over the next couple of posts we’ll look at both.

Going smaller

This is useful if you feel you’re just not moving forwards.  Maybe your goal feels overwhelming, or maybe you don’t know what to do next, going round and round in your head without actually doing anything (believe me, I know what that’s like…).

Try this.

Look at your goal.  What’s the next step you need to take?  Can you go smaller and smaller with that until it feels easy to do?

Sticking with the “losing weight” example we’ve been using, you could ask yourself: “What’s the next step I need to take?” and the answer might be: “Find an exercise class and do it once per week”.

That might be enough, but if you find yourself struggling to get started, go smaller.  Ask yourself “How?”, and keep asking until you can’t go any smaller:

“Find an exercise class and go once per week”  How?

“Ask my friends”  How?

“Send out an email to [friends]”.


“Find an exercise class and go once per week”  How?

“Look into classes at the exercise studio down the road”  How?

Call them”.

At some point, you will break your goals down so small that there are no longer any reasons not to act.  You’ll pick up the phone, send the email.  It’s done.  You’re on your way.

The next time you get stuck, you can do this again.

To some of you, this will come naturally and you might be wondering why you need a process for it at all.  The answer is that you probably don’t.  But you may find the next post useful…