When you run out of steam, try this

Brick wallSo there you are, happily ploughing on towards achieving your goals.  You’re working your way through your to do list, getting closer and closer to what you want.  You’re motoring.

But then, after a few days, weeks or months, you start to run out of steam.   Working towards your goal doesn’t seem exciting any more.  You’re not feeling it.

Now what?

If you’re anything like me, this is usually the time you look for other, more exciting goals.  You want to get back to the honeymoon stage and fall in love with a goal again.   You think you’re on the wrong track and it’s time to change course.

Well, maybe.  Or maybe you just need to fall in love with your first love all over again.

It’s time to look up from the to do list and think big.

Pull out your original resolution or goal and look at it again.   Now imagine yourself living your life after having reached your goal.  Remember, step into your shoes, see your life through your own eyes.  (If you find this difficult, it might help to look up, change your position in the room, or even go somewhere else, to help free up your thoughts).

In your “new” life, where are you?  What are you doing differently?  What’s changed?

Most importantly, how are you feeling?  Do you feel excited and energised, or inspired?

If yes, you’re on the right track. Write down what it was about your new life that excited and energised you, to re-inspire you the next time you flag.

Or you can try finding a shortcut way to get back to that feeling quickly:

  • Some people press their thumb and forefinger together when they are feeling most energised, then they simply repeat that whenever they want to access that feeling again.
  • Or you could take a powerful “photograph” of your new life in your mind and just recall it as needed.
  • If you love words, try coming up with one word to sum up how you felt and write it down somewhere you’ll see it every day.

If you didn’t feel excited or inspired, why not?  What wasn’t working for you?  What would make it work better?  Does it mean you have to revise your goal?

Piecing together the mosaic of our ideal life requires us both to pay attention to the tiny pieces and also to stand back and check whether the big picture is shaping up how we want.

Good luck!  And do contact me if you’d like any more help with designing or reaching your goals.