How are you spending your time?

clockA few years ago, I realised a long-held ambition and taught myself to touch type.  It’s a pretty dull, repetitive process: practising one or two letters at a time for a day or two before moving onto new ones;  gradually learning where the keys are located and which fingers to use; inching forwards from single letters to two-letter words, then three-letter words and beyond.  Until one day, after probably a couple of months of daily practice, I didn’t have to think about it any more.  My fingers just typed the words I wanted to type.

I was reminded of that time recently, while watching my daughter learn to read: treading a similar path of plodding repetition and gradual, faltering progress.

Once we get good at something, we often forget how long it took us to get there and how much practice it took.   But deep down, we all know that real, lasting achievement takes regular practice and time.

How you spend your time matters.   The more time we spend doing something, the better we get at doing it.  Do you want to be getting better at the job you want to leave?  Or at beating yourself up for not being perfect?  Procrastinating?  Tolerating alcohol? Shopping?  Surfing social media?  Cleaning the kitchen floor?  Criticising or complaining?

Or are there things you’d rather be good at?  Being present?  Seeing the positives?  Appreciating what you have?  Eating well?  Being kind to yourself or others?  Meditating?  A particular kind of work, hobby or career?

What do you want to be good at?  And what are you going to stop doing so you can make that happen?

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