What lifts you up and carries you through?


Feeling sluggish?

Dull days, darker evenings and the slow creep of winter can leave us feeling drained and low. Our energy and enthusiasm can get squeezed out as the pressure to Get It All Done slowly builds towards the holiday season.

We may long for respite and rest, and sometimes that’s what’s needed.

But rest is only a pause.  It doesn’t energise, strengthen, inspire, bring joy.

Now, more than ever, we need to make time for the things that light us up and spur us on.

What gives you energy?  I don’t mean the quick hits of caffeine or sugar that just stave off a slump for the next hour or so.  Not just things you like doing.  Not crossing things off your to do list, so you feel a bit relieved.

I’m talking about the things that really lift your mood, open you up, brighten your day, leave you smiling, buzzing, raring to go.   The things that make you think: “That was so great, I would love to do that more often”.

For me, it’s bike rides along the beach, really helping someone who needs the help, a yoga session, country walks, daydreaming and doodling about my ideal life, running into a friend or neighbour for an unexpected chat, being playful: doing roly polys down hills, dancing in the living room, racing down big slides and playing “bundle” with my family after dinner.

Moments of connection, moments of exhilaration and silliness.  The more spontaneous, the better.  No amount of tv watching or sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate comes close.

Here’s a winter challenge for you.  Pay attention to find your energisers.  Find small ones you can do at work and at home.  Make it as easy as possible to do them and weave them into the fabric of your days.  Find bigger ones and plan them in for your down time.  When you feel stuck, bored, moany, sluggish or uninspired, pick one out of your menu and go do it.  If you can find ones that your family can do together, so much the better.

A happy life is just a series of happy moments.  Let’s create more of those and let them lift us and carry us through.


Don’t think you have the time?  Consider this.

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