In praise of doing nothing

DaisyIf I had weeded the patio last week as I’d planned, I wouldn’t have been delighted today by a daisy, peeping out between the cracks of our grey urban garden.

If I hadn’t given up on trying to write and gone to do the washing up, I wouldn’t have seen the daisy from my kitchen window and been inspired to write this post.

When we feel submerged by our to do lists, pressed upon by time and what other people deem important, we can remind ourselves that doing nothing is an option too.

Often, it’s the best choice.  For when you need to recharge and be re-inspired.  For when you are about to make a leap that doesn’t feel exactly right.  For when you don’t know what to do.  For when pushing forwards feels more like wading than gliding.

Just wait, watch, be amazed and inspired by what emerges.  Seize the moment then.  And notice how much easier and more joyful it all seems.

You could rush around the garden hunting for Easter eggs.  But sometimes it’s good to just sit idly in the middle of the grass and see if anything glittery catches your eye.


You may be thinking: “That’s all very well, but I have deadlines to meet and bosses to please”.   No problem – you can just play with this on something low risk and see how it goes.

Sometimes it can take me a week to write a post.  This one was drafted in 10 minutes.  Inspired action doesn’t have to take longer than slogging through.  And it’s a lot more fun 🙂


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